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Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

10 Hour Class

   Michigan requires 8 hours of class time. (5 hours in class, 3 hours on the range.)
   Most classes fail to meet the 3 hour range requirement.
   Our 10 hour class allows adequate time for class, range, and supplemental information on equipment selection.
          Firearms Safety & Storage
          Pistol Marksmanship
          Use of force
​          Mental Conditioning/Situational Awarness
          Legal Issues
          Pistol and Ammunition Selection
          Defensive Handgun Skills
​          Firearms Care and Maintenance

150 Round Range Session

   The state-wide standard for CPL certification is 30 rounds fired onto an 11.5"x8" sheet of paper.
   We shoot a 150 round string designed to build confidence with your firearm.

Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners

   One year access to MCRGO.org included. This provides you access to a CPL qualified attorney for additional questions after class.

Supplemental Information

          Firearm Selection
          Holster Selection
          Alternate Methods of Carry
          Continued Education Options

Michigan Trusted Certificate

   We provide a signed 425j certificate from a National Training Association recognized by the State of Michigan as meeting or exceeding the CPL training requirements.

   Michigan CPL Application and Instructions


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Personal Coaching

   Looking to correct a grip issue or perhaps introduce a family member to guns?

   Our personal coaching may be an option for you. Personal coaching provides 1:1 time with an instructor at a flat hourly fee. Please contact us for pricing and availability.